The Benefits of Solar Energy

For years, we’ve been told that solar is the energy source of the future – that it offers something no other source can. But what exactly makes solar energy so unique and how does it benefit those who use solar panels for their home?
Below are five specific benefits of solar panels for your home and how they will enable you to get the most out of such an upgrade.
Solar Energy Saves Money
First and foremost, remember that solar energy is free. The sun shines several hours a day, every day of the year, especially if you’re in San Diego. So you can save a tremendous amount of money by having a solar array on your home that captures that free energy whenever the sun is out. The best solar panels can pay for themselves in just a few years, reducing what you spend on energy immensely.
With Solar in San Diego, You Aren’t Dependent on Energy Companies
A major benefit of solar energy is that it allows you to cut the cord from the electric companies. It’s a necessity that you’ve been using your entire life, so you likely never thought of it, but you are completely reliant on a company that can change rates, alter availability, or suffer outages outside of your control. With solar panels, you can own your electric source and not need to rely on such a company ever again.
Solar Energy is 100% Renewable 
This is the big one – the reason this is such an incredible potential energy source for so many people in San Diego and other year round sunny locations. Solar energy is renewable. It’s never running out. Fuel prices, wars, commodity shifts – none of it will affect the cost of your electricity if you have solar panels installed on your home.
Solar Energy Is Good for the Environment
Right alongside renewability comes another important factor – heavy reduction in CO2 emissions. Almost every other form of major electricity production in the United States burns fossil fuels. With solar panels on your home, you won’t be contributing to what is becoming an increasingly dire situation. Better yet, you’ll be able to help by producing your own electricity.
Get Paid for Your Energy 
With the right solar panel array on your home, you may produce more energy than you actually need. This can result in Solar Renewable Energy Credits that can then be sold for cash. If you remain on the grid, you can feed back into the system as well so that when you under produce your needs, it balances out against what you’ve given to the grid.
Is Solar Energy Right for You?
Solar panels provide you unprecedented freedom from the energy grid, a chance to do your part to help the environment, and a way to both save and possibly even earn money. It’s a perfect fit for anyone looking for a substantial upgrade for their home with long term benefits.
SOURCE: http://www.sempersolaris.com/the-benefits-of-solar-energy/