What To Expect When You Are Producing Energy | Year 1 Solar

So you’ve gone solar! You’re saving money by running on the power of the sun. But using energy from solar panels instead of the grid can be a little daunting. We are here to take the guesswork out of it. Here is what to expect during year 1 solar.

When will I see savings?

Even if your panels are not connected to your house, they are still producing power. All that remains, once they are on your roof, is to obtain a PTO (permission to operate) from PG&E. Once permission is received, an Arise Solar technician will turn on your system and then the money saving officials begins!

How much power can I use?

Your system has been tailor designed to fit your current energy needs. This is to maximize your return and save you the most money possible. So you can continue to use the same amount of power as before. If you want to optimize your systems efficiency, ask us about an Energy Storage Unit to store energy and save it for use at nightfall.

What maintenance needs to be performed?

Your solar panels are pretty sturdy, but they also need to be maintained to keep them producing as much energy as possible. A bi-annual panel cleaning is recommended. You can wash the panels yourself, or have them professionally cleaned by a professional service. With the prepackage services offered by us, we take care of all the maintenance for you.

When will I get my true-up bill?

Going solar means that instead of your traditional monthly bill, you get a true-up bill at the end of each year your system has been on. At that point, you will know exactly how much money your solar saved you over the course of that year. If you ever want to check up on your system, you can look at your in home-monitoring, or give us a call! Want to go a little more in-depth with the true-up bill? We have an article for that! Click here.

What if I want to move in the future?

If you feel it’s time to move and you have purchased your system, we will relocate your system to your new house, enabling you to take the advantages of solar wherever you go. Or, if you just want to sell the house and leave the system for the next homeowner, you can increase the value of your home dramatically. A study in 2011 found that homeowners who sell their homes with solar, get 97% of their investment back; not including the savings they earned beforehand.
We take the guesswork out of solar, so you know exactly what to expect. Stop guessing and start saving with us!
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