Is Solar Right For You?

Solar is the energy of choice for over 62% of residents. This should be no surprise to those of us who live here, who know the sun as a constant companion. There is however, a lot of discussion in the community on how best to take advantage of the immense amount of energy provided by our greatest natural resource.
Solar Panel Installation
People find there are many considerations, much information, and some confusion as they investigate using solar energy to power their homes. Incentives, tax credits, and net metering, are just some of the factors that contribute to making solar energy an excellent choice for homeowners. In fact, thousands of homeowners have already saved thousands of dollars on their electric bills here and you may call some of them neighbor or Grandpa.
One persistent point of view is that it is “just too expensive for me.” The reality is solar panels have come down in price and recent financial innovations have solved the hardest piece of the puzzle, how to pay for this in a way that saves or makes me money.
It is possible to have a solar system installed without taking a cent from your pocket, however–the more you are able to invest the greater your financial benefit. Many families with solar are seeing returns as high as 16% within 6 years on their investment, though 8 to 14% is more common.
The first step is to take a look at your house. South-facing roofs work best, but your east or west roofs are also suitable for solar. Next, find a reputable and reliable solar installation company. The Better Business Bureau and the Registrar of Contractors provide homeowners online reports of any complaints against companies. Consumer driven rating sites like Angie’s List also offer reviews of work and can let us know which companies really shine. Local organizations have received national accolades so read up and do your homework. A reputable company should ask for your electric usage and payment history over the last 12 months. All utility companies give you access to this data online.
Most of us have an idea of what we pay each month however, various rate plans can cause us to pay different dollar amounts for the same amount of electricity. The quantity of power you actually use will provide for the most accurate assessment. A reputable solar installation company will determine how much electricity your home can produce alongside how much energy you and your family use, take a look at the numbers and prescribe a recommendation custom-fit for your specific situation.
All the big beautiful shade trees in some neighborhoods can affect solar energy production, so any company you would trust with your home will come out and take a look before prescribing anything.
Finally, determine if you want to save a little or save a lot. Whether you want to save the planet or simply save a little money each month, it has to make sense for your pocketbook.
Solar energy has proven to be a great choice for many. With over 320 days of sun annually, we can’t help but wonder why not. However, the only way to know if solar is right for you and your family is to take some time, review your energy budget and consult with an expert. It may or may not be the right thing for you. What’s right for your neighbor is not necessarily right for you.
SOURCE: https://www.svssolutions.com/blog/is-solar-right-for-you