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Sunpower Solar Panels

SunPower Panels: A Valuable Long-Term Home Investment

Solar power is a long-term investment in your most valuable asset— your home.
SunPower solar panels lead the way in offering the most value to homeowners because SunPower panels can produce more energy. SunPower high-efficiency solar panels generate 70% more energy over the first 25 years than Conventional Panels in the same space. And now, new data indicates that SunPower panels will have a Useful Life of more than 40 years!

Along with a warranty that guarantees more power, SunPower panels offer greater long-term reliability, increased savings, and potentially higher home resale value.

Power and beauty on one roof.

  • Panels are ranked #1 in overall durability, offering performance that proves itself, year in and year out.
  • Delivers 55% more energy from the same space in the first year than conventional panels.
  • Produces more energy on sunrise, sunset, and on cloudy days.
  • Panels can be added without extensive system reconfiguration because the system is so simple.

SunPower Maxeon – Solar Cell Technology
Non SunPower cells use a low-cost metal paste on the front and back-sides to conduct the power generated by the cell. SunPower Maxeon cells are built on a solid copper foundation. Our unique design handles the additional power each cell generates, and makes it practically immune to the cracking and corrosion that causes standard solar cells to steadily lose power over time or fail completely.

Built-in Microinverter – Obvious Beauty, Concealed Genius
Built-in SunPower® microinverters work independently to maximize power production for each panel even when some panels are shaded. Completely eliminates the bulky inverter box, for a more streamlined design that takes up less space. Factory installation ensures a seamless installation process and minimizes variability on site.