Our Solar Panels Set World Record for Efficiency

When installing solar energy systems on your home or business, we always use SunPower solar panels. We pride ourselves on being one of the best solar companies because we believe that SunPower panels are the best on the market. This has been proven again and again by the performance of our solar panels, but has been recently confirmed as SunPower panels set multiple world records for solar energy efficiency.
The efficiency of a solar panel is based off of how much sunlight it converts to energy. The average for solar panels is 15-18% efficiency, meaning that 15-18% of the sunlight hitting the panel converts to usable electricity.
The first record that SunPower set for efficiency was in 2013 for their X-Series solar panel. These panels had a 21.5% efficiency rating, the highest in the commercial market. Then, SunPower beat its own record in 2015. They sent in one of their residential solar panels, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory confirmed that the efficiency had grown to 22.8%, the new world record. Fortune magazine even commented on the new record.
Their records beg the question: what makes SunPower panels so efficient? First, they’ve been researching and improving solar cells for over 25 years. This research discovered an important component of long-lasting solar cells: copper.
SunPower Maxeon solar cells are backed by copper, which adds considerable strength and durability. The copper protects against corrosion, helps enable the panels to expand and contract without breakage, and helps the system withstand high heat. In fact, while many solar panels buckle under high temperatures and produce less energy, SunPower cells can produce 38% more power per panel when it’s especially hot. Further, this copper backing includes no metal ribbons, which means that your system looks much cleaner and sleeker than most.
The more efficient a solar panel is, the better experience for the user. More efficient panels means that you can use fewer panels to get the same amount of energy, reducing costs and minimizing the appearance of panels on the roof of your home or business. This also leaves more room for expansion should you have greater energy needs in the future. In the end, if you have the choice of which solar panels to install, why not install the most efficient ones on the market?
SOURCE: http://www.sempersolaris.com/solar-panels-set-world-record-efficiency/