Urgent action needed to get pro-solar bill over the finish line.

Momentum is growing for a solar comeback in Nevada! Nevada’s Assembly just voted to pass Assembly Bill 405 (AB 405), which would restore rooftop solar in Nevada. Now, the Senate must pass the bill before the end of session in only 11 days. Will you tell your Senator to support solar in Nevada?

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AB405 is the critical first step toward a thriving solar industry in Nevada. The bill would ensure fair compensation to solar homeowners for the energy they produce and set clear guidelines for solar installers to ensure high standards for sales practices across the industry.
Overwhelming public support for solar helped gain bipartisan votes in the Assembly. Now, we can get this pro-solar bill over the finish line and have Nevada lead on solar again. Contact your Senator today and ask them to vote YES ON AB 405 to allow solar homeowners and solar workers to thrive again in Nevada.