Working Together, We Can Make Solar Happen

When it comes to providing energy to fuel industry, transportation and all the comforts of your home, coal and oil have been the kings for over one hundred years. Unfortunately, these non-renewable resources come with a heavy price, one which we are now witnessing: damage to the environment, climate, and human health.
The future belongs to clean energy sources, such as wind, hydroelectric and solar power. Countries across the globe have joined together in a race to heal the planet, meeting to hammer out methods and agreements to reduce reliance on heavy polluters such as coal in favor of clean and renewable power sources. But it’s not just national governments climbing onto the solar bandwagon; in acknowledgement of the need to transition to renewable, environmentally-friendly and health-compatible sources of power, six electric utility companies in New York state and three of the country’s biggest names in solar development — SolarCity, Inc., SunEdison, Inc., and SunPower Corp. – have formed a partnership to promote increased use of solar energy across the state, along with funding to maintain a reliable energy grid.
The use of sun power to fuel home energy needs is also being encouraged by many states through solar net metering programs. These programs allow homeowners to sell excess energy generated by their home solar systems back to their local utility’s power grid, thus benefiting not only the individual homeowner, but also the entire neighborhood. Clean energy, cost-effectiveness, reduced reliance on other areas of the globe for fuel… it’s a win-win for everyone.
But as with any major transition, the changeover from yesterday’s nonrenewable and planet-destroying fuels to today’s and tomorrow’s use of clean technology requires collaboration between multiple players and on many levels: from worldwide agreements between national governments, to individual countries’ efforts to promote solar and other clean energy sources within their borders, to local state and city ordinances encouraging the installation of solar panels, to innovative thinking at the utility companies maintaining power grids across the nation, to experienced solar installers able to address homeowners’ concerns, to the individual homeowners looking to power their home while reducing stress on the planet. Together, we can make it happen: the changeover to a cleaner, healthier, brighter world.
SOURCE: http://www.sempersolaris.com/working-together-can-make-solar-happen/