World’s largest solar bridge goes live in London

The world’s largest solar bridge, London’s Blackfriars bridge, has gone live and is powering half of Blackfriars train station. 

The bridge, which crosses the Thames River, was originally built in 1886 but has been upgraded by the London rail network as part of the overhaul of the adjacent train station.

Solarcentury installed 4,400 solar photovoltaic panels on the bridge’s roof, covering almost 65,000 square feet, the 1.1 MW system making it the world’s largest solar bridge. The panels will provide half of the train station’s energy and save over one million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Rail commuters celebrated with a tea party,with around 79,000 cups of tea representing how much tea can be brewed each day with the electricity generated from the new PV system.