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Solar Panels by SunPower by Renewable Energy Electric serving Arizona, California, and Nevada.

As a SunPower Master Dealer, we install both Residential Solar Panels and Commercial Solar Panels.

We pride ourselves on our customer support including:

  • Full Solar Support services including complete assessments, new installations, quality upgrades and retrofits.
  • Free Solar Evaluation (including technical & cost/benefit assessment for Solar Panels)
  • Solar Financing
  • Engineering
  • Paperwork processing
  • Solar Installation, including our ten year workmanship warranty.

In fact give us a call, let us show you what we can do, to help you meet your home and commercial energy needs.

74+ employees provide Full-Service Electrical Contracting, Solar Energy and green options for quality upgrades, retrofits and new installs of electrical services and devices.  As a leading Solar Installer, we also proudly offer Residential Solar Energy and Commercial Solar Energy.

Services – Home evaluation, financing, engineering, paperwork processing, installation and 10 year workmanship warranty.

Licensed & Insured.  Complies with the national electrical code 690.  SunPower by Renewable Energy Electric Inc. AZ ROC Lic 303382, CA Lic 1012850, NV Lic 62767.

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  • Arizona
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At SunPower by Renewable Energy Electric Inc., we know the various benefits solar energy panels can do for your home and the environment. Although homeowners have expressed interest in making the switch from natural gas to solar, they are also concerned about the cost of solar power installation and the return of investment down the road. While the environmental advantages are plenty, there are also many financial advantages.

The following are the top 3 reasons you should consider purchasing solar energy panels:

  • Great Investment – The cost of solar power is now more affordable than ever. If you’re worried about paying upfront costs, we offer $0 down leases with fixed monthly payments. In a few years, the system will essentially pay for itself once you stop spending money on power.
  • Increases property value – For those who are planning on selling their home in the future, homes equipped with solar panel systems have an increased property value of 3% to 4%. Breaking the dependency of natural gas is a staggering advantage compared with other homes.
  • Create jobs – As the renewable energy gains momentum in our society, hundreds and thousands of job opportunities are created. Committing to solar energy means advocating a better climate, as well as a better economy.

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