Net Metering Amendments To Senate Energy Bill Aim To Protect Rooftop Solar Users

Last week, U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) and Senator Angus King (I-Maine) have filed an amendment to a comprehensive energy bill to protect consumers who generate their own power from soaring energy rates and preserve the rooftop solar industry. As of January 1st of this year, rooftop solar customers have been hit with new rates approved by the Nevada Public Utilities Commission.

“This amendment is good for consumers in Nevada and across the country,” stated Senator Reid in a speech on the Senate floor. “It will safeguard people who want to generate their own clean energy from retroactive rule changes that could devastate their finances.”

Despite being backed by solar industry groups, the amendment still faces an uphill battle. A rival amendment by Senator Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) addresses the ultimate goal of Edison Electric Institute and the interests of Arizona Public Service, which is to eradicate all forms of energy competition. Thus, weakening protections for solar consumers. These two amendments are among over 200 which have been filed.

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SunPower Introduces Equinox™

In late March, SunPower introduced the SunPower Equinox™ system and made it available to U.S. homeowners.

Compared to other residential solar panels on the market, no company has ever created anything like the SunPower Equinox™ system. With thoughtful design and engineering by eliminating needless steps and parts in order to develop a system that’s extremely reliable and highly efficient, the Equinox™ is designed to deliver 70 percent more energy in the same space over 25 years with 70% fewer visible parts.

With a world-record 22% effiency rate, the system features solar cells designed with solid copper backing and exclusive light-trapping surfaces to capture more sunlight over longer periods of time compared to any other conventional sells currently on the market. The Equinox™ is also equipped with SunPower’s Invisimount® frame that is completely hiddien for the aesthethic, simplified look homeowners want, as well as built-in microinverters hidden behind each panel to maximize optimization and conversion.

In addition, our EnergyLink™ system provides homeowners with real-time data on their system’s solar energy production, giving you the ability to see your home’s energy profile on your computer on your smartphone. Because the system is designed and engineered independently by SunPower, one single warranty covers all.

“SunPower continues to raise the innovation bar by delivering solutions that make the complex simple, reducing costs, speeding installation, and increasing satisfaction for our customers – while improving quality and aesthetics,” said Howard Wenger, SunPower president, business units.

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The Adventure of Solar Impulse 2

Last Monday evening, the Solar Impulse 2 arrived in the Phoenix (AZ) suburbs after a daylong flight from California – the most recent leg in its around-the-world adventure using only solar power to propel the aircraft. Pilot Andre Borschberg described the 16-hour voyage “a beautiful flight,” after descending from the cockpit.

The solar-powered airplane began its globe-trotting journey in July of last year, including a five-day and five-night record-breaking, non-stop flight from Japan to Hawaii. Founded by Borschberg (engineer and professional pilot) and Bertrand Piccard (medical psychiatrist, explorer and aeronaut), they have set out to demonstrate that clean technologies can accomplish goals that are considered unattainable and show how climate change is not an expensive problem, but instead, a unique opportunity to change the way we live and sustain our planet.

“The problem with our society is that, despite all the grand talk about sustainable development, we are a long way from making use of the clean technologies that are already available to us,” stated Piccard on the Solar Impulse website. “Those solutions bring opportunities to create jobs, make profit, sustain the growth of the industry, and at the same time protect the environment.”

In order to circumnavigate the world, 80 mechanical and electrical engineers, technicians, aerodynamic specialists and physicists joined forces to create this glider-type plane to sustain the around 22,000-mile trip, separated into 13 legs spanning several hours to several days. Despite having the wingspan of a Boeing 747, Solar Impulse 2 only weighs 5,070 pounds, which is comparable to a small van, using 17,248 next generation SunPower Maxeon® solar cells on its wings, fuselage and stabilizers.

These cells collect up to 340 kilowatt hours of solar energy per day, charging the motor in order to life the Solar Impulse 2 from 5,000 to 29,500 feet each day. As soon as the sun sets, the aircraft descends to a cruising altitude of 5,000 feet prior to using it’s batteries to fly it through the evening. Once dawn breaks, it draws power form the solar cells and starts to ascend once again.

“SunPower’s solar technology continues to be the choice for cutting-edge projects like Solar Impulse that blaze new trails for renewable energy,” said Tom Werner (SunPower president and CEO) in an article by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). “We share a pioneering spirit that drives us to break boundaries, set world records and demonstrate the infinite potential of solar through relentless innovation.”

After Phoenix, solar Impulse 2 will make two additional stops in the U.S. before trekking over the Atlantic Ocean to Europe or northern Africa.

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3 Reasons To Switch To Solar

At SunPower by Renewable Energy Electric Inc., we know the various benefits solar panels can do for your home and the environment. Although homeowners have expressed interest in making the switch from natural gas to solar, they are also concerned about the cost of solar power installation and the return of investment down the road. While the environmental advantages are plenty, there are also many financial advantages.

The following are the top 3 reasons you should consider purchasing solar energy panels:

  • Great Investment – The cost of solar power is now more affordable than ever. If you’re worried about paying upfront costs, we offer $0 down leases with fixed monthly payments. In a few years, the system will essentially pay for itself once you stop spending money on power.
  • Increases property value – For those who are planning on selling their home in the future, homes equipped with solar panel systems have an increased property value of 3% to 4%. Breaking the dependency of natural gas is a staggering advantage compared with other homes.
  • Create jobs – As the renewable energy gains momentum in our society, hundreds and thousands of job opportunities are created. Committing to solar energy means advocating a better climate, as well as a better economy.

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SunPower Helps Levi’s Stadium Generate Power For Super Bowl 50

Did you know that Levi’s® Stadium, the home of the San Francisco 49ers and Super Bowl 50, is the first NFL stadium to achieve LEED Gold certification? With the use of 1,186 high efficiency SunPower® solar panels, it has earned the prestigious environmental certificate. Since Levi’s® Stadium utilizes enough electricity in one game to power 400 houses for a whole month, it’s reassuring to know that the National Football League understands the importance of environmentally-friendly, reusable energy.

Based on a Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) report of solar usage in professional sports, the total cumulative capacity in professional sports needs enough energy to power over 3,100 homes in the United States. Fortunately, the solar systems equipped in sports facilities throughout the nation negate about 22,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is comparable to taking 5,000 cars off the road or planting over 500,000 trees.

A third of NFL teams play or train at stadiums reliant on solar technology. Furthermore, two other teams depend on SunPower® solar panels: the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts and the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field in Maryland.

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