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How Net Metering Works

Nevada Net Energy Metering


Nevada’s Net Metering Law allows Solar PV System owners to earn credits for energy not used as it passes through the utility meter and back out on to the utility grid. When a solar system generates more electricity than is consumed by the home, such as a sunny afternoon, the extra electricity is sent back the utility grid, and the utility company credits the homeowner.


For example, if you invest $25,000 on a solar power system for your home from Renewable Energy Electric, after incentives, this system may save you around $2,500 the first year. Excess credits are accumulated when the sun shines. After the sun sets, electricity is seamlessly drawn from the utility grid and paid for using your excess Net Metering Credits generated during the daytime.


Summer’s just around the corner and a tidal wave of utility rate hikes are coming.


Have you been saving Net Metering Credits for this summer?

Call us today to get started and avoid being too late. Solar Energy is a non-volatile investment that will last for generations.

What are you saving for? Utility rates go up faster than most other investments. Today, Utility rates are already higher than solar energy.

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