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Benefits Of Solar

Made by us, for your home.

Unlike most solar companies, we design, engineer and manufacture every system that bears the SunPower name. You’ll feel great knowing you’ve chosen the most reliable solar that’s designed to last 40 years or more.

  • Panels rated #1 for durability
  • Highest panel efficiency available
  • Useful life of up to 40 years
  • Manufactured responsibly

Unmatched Reliability
Extensive research indicates that SunPower panels can perform at or near full efficiency for more than 40 years. This is considerably beyond expected production for Conventional Panels. As years go by and Conventional Panels degrade, SunPower panels continue to produce at an estimated 97% of rated power year after year.

Predictable Financial Savings
Reliable long-term performance means more predictable savings than Conventional Panels over the system’s lifetime. While homeowners with Conventional solar systems watch production decrease and savings decline, you can look forward to your solar savings for the next 40 years.

Higher Home Resale Value
With solar power, your home can potentially enjoy a higher resale value. A recent U.S.government study found that solar homes sold for approximately $5,500/kW more than non-solar homes. Since 21.5% efficiency X-Series SunPower panels allow homeowners to install more watts per square foot, you can install more kilowatts in the same space and maximize your home’s potential resale value in Year 1. And, with 40 years of reliable production, your resale advantage may grow even further.

Our company exists to help change the way our world is powered and leave the planet better off for future generations. That’s our purpose. It’s why we’re here. Be green and save green.