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Monitoring System

Not just Smart Energy. Smart Period.


  • EnergyLink Provides real-time data on energy created and household energy used
  • You can control your settings and data from any tablet, smartphone, or laptop
  • EnergyLink maintains constant contact with all your hardware and can even contact us if any issues arise

Improve Support, Reduce Maintenance Costs
An intuitive monitoring website enables you to:

  • See a visual map
  • Remotely manage
  • Receive elective system reports
  • Locate system issues and remotely diagnose
  • Diagnose issues online
  • Drill down for the status of individual devices

Add Value for Homeowners
With the SunPower Monitoring System you can:

  • See what your solar system produces each day, month, or year
  • Optimize your solar investment and save on energy expenses.
  • See your energy use and estimated bill savings
  • See your solar system’s performance using the SunPower monitoring website or mobile app

SunPower Monitoring Solution, Plug and Play Installation
This complete solution for residential monitoring includes the SunPower® PV Supervisor 5x (PVS5x) which improves the installation
process, overall system reliability, and customer experience.

  • Compact footprint for improved aesthetics
  • Robust cloud connectivity and comprehensive local connectivity
  • Flexible configuration of devices during installation
  • Consumption metering
  • Revenue-grade production metering
  • Web-based commissioning app
  • Remote diagnostics of PVS5x and inverters
  • Durable NEMA 3R enclosure reduces maintenance costs

Robust Cloud Connectivity
Multiple options to maintain optimal connectivity:

    • Hardwired Ethernet
    • Power Line Communication (PLC) • Wi-Fi
    • Cellular backup

Supports Multiple Inverter Types
Supports SunPower 96-cell AC module systems, DC string inverter systems, and hybrid (DC and AC) systems.