SonnenBatterie Eco - Las Vegas Solar
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SonnenBatterie Eco

A declaration of independence for your home


The sonnenBatterie eco is an energy storage solution that utilizes intelligent energy management software. It is easily adaptable to your individual needs. The system is available in a variety of storage capacities and configurations, allowing for extensibility and expansion. sonnenBatterie eco allows you to save money every single day by harvesting energy from your solar PV system or the grid when it is cheapest, and using the stored energy from the battery to power your home when rates are more expensive.


Use solar energy throughout the day and at night

sonnenBatterie eco lets you enjoy the benefits of solar energy production 24-hours a day! Our integrated smart electronics manage energy use throughout the day, detecting when there’s excess power and storing it for use at night.



Never Worry About the Lights Going Out

sonnenBatterie eco is specifically designed to provide you and your family peace of mind in the event of a power outage. Our unique power detection system will sense outages in real-time and automatically switch over to battery power!



Harvest Cheaper Energy to Use Later

sonnenBatterie eco allows you to engage in “rate arbitrage” – storing energy when it is cheap and running your home off the battery when rates go up. The sonnenBatterie eco is the right choice for every home and every budget.


The battery – durable, robust and safe

The sonnenBatterie residential and commercial storage systems only use lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology, one of the most reliable, safe and long-lasting lithium battery technologies currently available. LiFePO4 is one of the most popular technologies for stationary storage systems due to its uniquely high chemical stability and resulting extremely high application reliability, durability and long life. Our battery systems are guaranteed to last for 10,000 cycles or 10 years. All sonnenBatterie components and systems are also UL Listed ensuring safety and performance for your home or business.


All included: high-end components perfectly tuned to your needs.

The sonnenBatterie is a complete system – ready for connection. This means that inside of every sonnenBatterie you’ll find not only the extremely durable battery modules but also an inverter, an intelligent energy manager, measurement technology and the software to operate it all smoothly. All in one handy box. In contrast to most other battery systems in the market the sonnenBatterie components are build into a single high-quality casing and perfectly attuned to each other – thereby ensuring maximum longevity and the highest quality in a minimum of space.


Tech specs sonnenBatterie eco


Power Unit

Continuous output: 

(AC) 3,000 W – 8,000 W 

Usable capacity:

4 kWh – 16 kWh (in 2 kWh steps) 

Dimensions (in) W/H/D 4 – 8 kWh:


Dimensions (in) W/H/D 10 – 16 kWh: 


Backup power capability




Maximum effciency of inverter: 93 % 

Ambient temperatures: 41 – 113° F

Enclosure Rating: NEMA 12

AC Specifications 240 VAC / split phase / 60 Hz

Listed and recognized components

Designed for UL 9540 compliance. Certified to UL 1741 (inverter), UL 1973 (batteries), and FCC part 15 Class B compliant



Lifespan / Warranty*

Guranteed lifetime of 10,000 cycles or 10 years. 

*Please observe our applicable warranty conditions

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