Sunpower Power Plants - Las Vegas Solar
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SunPower Power Plants

Trusted by Leading Energy Providers

Building a successful power plant—one that delivers competitive cost of energy and long-term value—is a complicated undertaking.

  • How can your team ensure that the project design optimizes site use?
  • Are there ways to minimize construction time and costs?
  • Will the technology meet long-term energy production goals?

All these and more must come together to realize the financial goals of the project.
A key factor of success is the power plant technology. Faulty components are one of the leading causes of failures. And field studies have shown that 55% of solar power plant defects can be attributed to faulty installation. A well-engineered system uses innovative design and high-quality parts to minimize mistakes and increase reliability.

The SunPower® Oasis® Solar Power Plant platform delivers a fully integrated solution that addresses the areas of highest risk in order to maximize production, reduce cost of energy and generate predictable cash flow for the life of the system.

The SunPower® Oasis® Solar Energy Power Plant
When technology is built to work together, it simply works better. By approaching complete solar energy systems as a single product, SunPower is able to precision engineer each component to work seamlessly for the benefit of the whole. The result is an optimized system with no compromises — the SunPower Oasis Solar power plant for utility-scale solar installations.